My Jimny My Style

If you followed our journey in ACM Automobiles, you most definitely would know that besides our bread and butter Suzuki Swift Sport and many other performance cars we have been offering, we managed to bring in a new segment of cars and trust me, they are absolutely cute and practical!

Anybody can tell it’s a serious off roader albeit it being fun sized – if compared to the bigger boys – G class we had in our showroom (Updates: both units are sold!) I’d pick Jimny without a doubt, for its affordability, practicality and unconventional fun on any rugged or challenging terrains.

We started with some minor tweaks to add basic elements that complement the function of a Jimny. Roof rack and rear ladder were installed for improved functionality and rims and tyres were upgraded for off-roading purposes and of course aesthetics too! More interesting works in the gallery below!

Throw us some interesting ideas or concept you wish to see on our Jimny and we shall see what other possibilities we’re opening up to! No wonder they say a car guy knows no boundaries… on car mods.