MTR Track Day 2019

As enthusiasts, we are always excited to see and learn to max the capabilities of our cars on circuit, pushing boundaries and doing things we could never do in Singapore without raising attentions of our Traffic Police.

While it not uncommon for workshops or automotive companies like MTR to organises track event on a yearly basis, it was a highly anticipated event by track drivers. It was definitely not an opportunity to miss when we’ve been itching to beat your personal best timing or explore new tricks on track. Therefore we gathered a bunch of FD2R brothers from our private group we’ve established over the years to sign up for this very event!

Of course we’ve been attending the track event very religiously but we were still stoked as this was MTR’s very first night track session. We’ll let the photos speak for the fun we had that night. Glad to have brought back some trophies from the event and lastly, congrats to our man behind ACM Automobiles – Arthur Wong for clinching the number 1 spot in its category! 

We welcome all to join us for future events.