ACM x Garage R Track Day 2019

The ACM x Garage R Track Day was THE event of  2019, and all of us had been hyped up for it after a great deal of anticipation. It was held by ACM and Garage R, our trusted workshop partner, giving us a chance to work together outside, beyond our usual job scope activities.

The turn out for the event was excellent, with the credit going to our friends and customers of ACM Automobiles and Garage R. All 50 slots had been immediately grabbed up by our car enthusiasts who could not give up such an opportunity to race down the tracks of an official F1 Track circuit in their beastly rides. In fact, the enthusiasm was so much greater than anticipated, that we had to expand lanes at the very last minute for more last minute sign ups! It was great to see everyone so eager for this opportunity that we had worked hard with our partner to create.

The event was held at Sepang F1 International Circuit in Malaysia and we had a wide range of vehicles on the  track. From supercars like the Mc Laren, Lambo Gallardo, Porsche, and Toyota 86 to legendary sports vehicles such as the  Volkswagen Golf R, Honda Civic Type R and Evo 9.  The surprise of the day was that  we even had a vellfire on the track. It was bizzare no doubt, as Vellfires are rarely  seen on a track but real track racing knows no discrimination!

Our participants varied. Some were new trackers, here to gain race experience with their automobiles, while others were there to explore the untapped potentials of their vehicle, learning to push it to its fullest. Our event was a non-competitive racing event, unlike that of  F1 and most seasoned trackers were there to beat their personal best timings, or to garner a better handling of their precious vehicles, rather than for the awards or prestige that comes with  competitive racing events.

Regardless of who they were, new or old, we all greatly enjoyed ourselves as the track. We were extremely glad to have celebrated ACM’s inaugural track day with our motorsports family and create new memories with our rides and hope to have many more similar events to come.

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